Danica’s Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown

“When I came to Rachel Roff with ideas for a custom designed wedding dress and only two months to make it, I thought she might turn me down. After brainstorming together and making minor adjustments at fittings, both of us were beyond delighted with how the gown turned out! Definitely a unique beauty with all kinds of fabrics and layers and textures, oh my!”
– Danica Donnelly, www.danicadonnelly.com/Photography/OurWedding/

“As the mother-in-law of Danica Donnelly I have to honestly say, I have never in my life loved a dress more than this one. Thank you for all you did for her and the care and love you put into the details of this gown. You are an artist as is she. She was gorgeous.”
-Jan Donnelly, Mother-in-law of the Bride

Original Illustrated Sketch